Serif vs. Sans Serif

Is it really that simple to decide?

Serif vs. Sans Serif


Some people are positive that Serif type­faces are the right choice. They claim it's the old stan­dard where the eyes more eas­i­ly rec­og­nize words be­cause of the small serifs which add to the de­tails of the symbol (word).

Then, there are people who swear by the Sans Serif types, claim­ing it's much easier to rec­og­nize the sym­bols with­out the unneeded serifs.

Which to Select

Our experience tells us it is a matter of taste re­gard­ing which should be selected. Still, there are some aspects that should be considered:

* Hi-quality paper publications can have a den­si­ty of dots up to 2400 DPI, while screens have up to ≈ 282 PPI. Yet most screens have around 100 PPI. Some users claim that 220 PPI is very good pixel den­si­ty when look­ing from a dis­tance of 40 cm. All data is from 2014.

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