Type Size for All

Type Size for All


When absorbing information on a web­site is pri­ma­ri­ly meant to be through the words, they should be clear­ly visible. One of the com­po­nents for that is the size of the type.


Although visitors on your website have the abil­i­ty to change the type size*, you should not rely on that. The ma­jor­i­ty of vis­i­tors will not change the in­ap­pro­pri­ate type size.


Make sure your visitors don’t have to change the size. Let the type sizes be appropriate for the majority of visitors by default.

* The options that visitors have to change the size of the type are the following:

  • Keyboard shortcut Cmd +/– (on Mac or Ctrl instead of Cmd on Windows)
  • Cmd + mouse scroll
  • Zoom In/Out menu commands in web browser
  • Un/pinching the touchpad/touchscreen
  • Double tapping (on touch devices)
  • Integrated commands on the website (buttons usually)
  • Setting the minimum font-size in web browser options
  • Changing the display resolution
  • Changing the browser size (responsive design)
  • Rewriting CSS rules
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