Polishing the Details

Sometimes good perception is hidden in small details. And sometimes it’s worth it to polish them.

Step-by-Step changes from Percaption logo

A case from www.apple.com: Although some country flags have stripes of equal width or height, there are some flags on that website that appear to have a non-equal ratio, which reduces the recognition. Here is one ex­am­ple, the flag of France:

Easier flag recognition

Figure 1: Left – a proposition in “flat” style with all stripes in equal width. Right – flag from the website with the white stripe wider than blue and red.

Besides altering the stripes ratio, having some flags in non-glass style would also help in easier recognition. For example the flags of Côte d'Ivoire, Guinée, Mali, Nigeria, Deutschland, Ireland, Italia, Luxembourg, Malta, Nederland, România and Perú:

Flags page on apple.com

Figure 2: Flags on apple.com

A case from www.corel.com: In two close categories, an unequal font ren­der­ing appears to visitors with non-Windows font rendering. If the website text, rather than image text, were to be designed in the left category, an equal font rendering would appear to all visitors (not only to those with Windows OS):

Printscreen from Corel.com with two neighboring categories highlighted.

Figure 3: Left category is an image that contains text. The right one is a website text rendered in Safari (Mac OS).

Printscreen from Corel.com with overview how the text could look like.

Figure 4: This is how text could look in the “Chat now” category. It’s the same as the right one (phone).

* Update: The Apple's flags page is now altered This Link will open in New Tab; the ratio is fixed, plus the “glass” style has been changed into a “flat” style, which makes all the flags easier to recognise now. Congratulations for putting this advice into action.

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