The Message

Hall bench in typical European shoping mall

In this photo, you can see the hall in a typical European shopping mall. There are wooden benches placed in the centre of this hall, which can contribute to socializing among people, resting after a lot of walking through the shopping mall, and eventually new meetings.

Bench in a shoping mall hall

But at the same time, it seems like those benches are also sending a message; to some people consciously and to others subconsciously. If you look closely, what does the shape and the colour of that bench remind you of?

Bench in a shoping mall hall

The visual appearance of coffins promotes fear and discomfort in most people. Unless those two emotions are intended to be evoked, they should not be promoted in customers’ visual perception.

Make sure your website, application, publication, office, home, or store doesn't send the wrong message, either consciously or subconsciously. Quite the opposite, actually – send the right messages.

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