Functional Graphic Elements

Comparing image sharpness

One of the methods for creating and retaining a good impression of your website is ensuring graphic (as well as other) elements are fully functional. Why? When something is missing or dysfunctional, it will have a greater impact on people than an additional or extra functionality. A bad im­pres­sion most often dominates a good impression.

If only one element does not perform its function, the website can quickly create an impression of being incomplete, abandoned, and aged.1 And that’s not an impression we as the brand holders want our visitors to get when they arrive to our website. A website should constantly shine on all levels of visual perception. website on Mac OS with unnecessary horizontal scrollbar appearance.

Figure 1: A case from – a missing graphic element at the top-right.

A case from On the right side (fourth column), there is a frame with an icon inside that sends an obvious message: “An image should be here.” Yet the content inside is not displayed (a test was being done on multiple devices, platforms, and networks).

Decent brands should create decent impressions. If you want to ensure such negative scenarios don’t happen on your website, you can contact Percaption. We can keep an eye on your website as well.

* Update: The non-functional image appearance was repaired with the working one.

1 We sometimes find a very old and abandoned website from the 1990s, where only image frames are seen while the images inside are missing.

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